Hardwood Floor Installation Austin

(Austin,Tx)Installation experts in all types of wood floors including, solid wood floors, engineered wood floors, laminate flooring as well. We can professionally install any wood floor including doing the proper curvature correction that is in cases needed.

Solid Hardwood Flooring  3/4 x 2 1/4 – 5 inch (Austin,Tx)

Solid hardwood floors can be nailed down to existing plywood sub floor or can be installed on 1×4 or 2×4 screeds that need to be adhered to concrete using a hot tar mastic. Now days lots of wood floor choice’s are the wider solid wood planks, usually five inch planks or 3 1/4 inch in width. The solid 3/4 inch thick wood flooring is sure to last at least one generation or one hundred years or more. Lots of solid hardwood flooring in the older homes built in the fifties, are still around today and can be refinished  to change with the color tones that are modern for today’s time. Like the dark black ebony or the dark rich chocolate colors that seem to go with the modern colors of white , grey , blacks.  (After we install this engineered wood floor we always provide a site finish or refinishing of the wood floors,sand,stain and poly).

Engineered 1/2 or 5/8 inch unfinished wood floors. (Austin,Tx)

This is replicated to mimic the more traditional solid hardwood flooring. These can be used for a glue down method direct to concrete sub floor or for nail down on existing plywood either first floor or second floor. We have installed these types of engineered wood floors in the more upscale higher end homes in Austin & thru out Lake Way as well. These are used to minimize height of wood flooring and can be used to minimize moisture reaction that are typical to solid wood flooring. (After we install this engineered wood floor we always provide a site finish or refinishing of the wood floors,sand,stain and poly).

Pre finished wood flooring (Austin,Tx)

We can professionally install any type of pre-finished wood floor product via 2 1/4 inch, 3 inch, 5 inch hand-scraped wood flooring. Most of these types of pre-finished wood flooring that we install thru out the greater Austin area are typically glued down and always require sub floor correction. The key to having a nice wood floor installation is having a good installer and having a good product. (This type of wood floor installation never requires a site finish). Just trim out with stained to match shoe molding or you can paint your shoe molding to match the existing baseboards.

Laminate Wood Flooring  (Austin,Tx)

Laminate wood flooring is probably the most forgiving of all wood floors that we can install. Although the more thicker the laminate wood floor plank, the more harder it is to install. These come in width sizes of three inch to seven inch or 6 mm-12mm. Most laminate wood floors we install do not have a pad on the back side but some do and this is for moisture & sound. We can install then trim out laminate wood flooring and have you back in your home fast and sometimes the same day, depending on how much square footage. These floors are very durable and are very low maintenance.

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