Steps & Risers

Hardwood Creations has been installing all types of solid steps/treds from species of red oak, white oak, pine, walnut, and cherry. There are many ways to install steps & risers and we cant tell you exactly how we can do it as each job is different. But we can tell you that we will install your steps & risers as well as hand rails and balusters properly. Long lasting quality for years to come. We can do square box steps or custom rounded steps as well as just laminate and engineered wood steps & risers. We always screw or nail down each sub floor piece of existing step to minimize for squeaks and movement. Then each step is glued then nailed in place. After we finish our installation we do a complete on site refinish of the steps applying one coat of stain then apply two coats of polyurethane. When we are complete then it time for you to let you painter do his thing painting & caulking the risers to tighten up any crack and nail holes.

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