Wood floor refinished refinishing Austin


Hardwood Creations can refinish all types of hardwood floors, including solid hardwoods, engineered wood flooring, oak, pine, heart pine, walnut, bazillion mahogany, and bamboo wood flooring. Our typical wood floor refinish is a solid wood flooring  3/4 x 2 1/4 thru 5 inch wide, but we can handle the more hard to do engineered wood flooring as well. That’s right most wood floor companies will tell you that an engineered wood floor can not be refinished and that you must replace your older worn out tired looking pre-finished wood flooring with a new one period. Well we can refinish any type of wood flooring so long as it’s top layer is a minimum of 1/16 thick. Hardwood Creations is a third generation is wood flooring and we have the know how and the right equipment to do this type of wood floor refinishing to your older worn engineered wood floors.

Solid wood floor refinishing

An older solid worn out wood floor that has scratches from animals usually big dogs and water stains from plants in pots or pet stains that come from cats & dogs. Some of the older wood floors in the Austin area that we refinish have moisture damage from the elements mainly heat & water, so there are cracks that need to be filled to make the wood floor look new again. We take this in consideration when we do wood floor refinishing. We sand the wood flooring down to the bare wood , fill the wood floor for cracks then we give you a three coat process. One coat of wood floor stain, and two coats of polyurethane and we trim it all out with shoe molding that will be stained to match your wood floor color selection.

Engineered wood floor refinish

Engineered wood floors are just about the same but not exact when it comes to wood floor refinishing. We do the same procedure but engineered wood floors sometimes require an additional coat of polyurethane. Because the wood of an engineered wood floor is cut different, this is why the engineered wood floor requires an additional coat as it absorbs more. But can be corrected with a third coat of polyurethane. Hardwood Creations can refinish your older tired worn out engineered wood floor , even when others are saying it is impossible. We have the clientele to prove it!

Dust Containment System

We use special vacuums for each machine that will eliminate most of the dust that is commonly blown thru out your home when doing a wood floor refinish process. We use the Clarke Cav vacuums for wood floor refinishing on all our jobs.

Oil-base Polyurethanes

We use a commercial grade oil base polyurethane to finish of  hardwood floors. Masterline is the one we prefer.Although oil-base polyurethane is a forty year old technology it still works great today. Oil Base polyurethane will amber the color you choose for your floor and with time the UV rays from the sun will amplify that as well. Stronger odor is to be expected, longer drying time and will scratch but this is normal as there is no polyurethane on the market that is rock hard.

Water-base Polyurethane

We use Bona_Kemi and there is a reason for that, its the best most strongest polyurethane on the market today. Some of them are more durable than others and the more expensive ones are usually used for shopping malls, stages, gyms high heavy duty traffic areas. Some homeowners do request and must pay for the up charge for the more heavy duty urethane like Bona Traffic and most of these home owners have a couple of bigger dogs and lots of traffic. Water base is our polyurethane of choice. There is no ambering effect thru the years and to me have a stronger finish, I personally like them when we do a modern dark stain, like ebony or dark chocolate colors it just a very nice modern finish.                  Pros: Low odor, no off gassing afer the job is complete for those that may have asthma. No ambering effect, fast drying time, will scratch but this is normal as there is no polyurethane on the market that is rock hard.

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