Hardwood Creations Wood Floor Sanding Austin

Wood floor sanding of older wood floors in Austin, Tx is a timely task and can cost you more doing it your self than just paying a wood floor sanding expert. First consider your time, cost, how messy the process can be the head aches lack of energy etc. Hardwood Creations can professionally sand & refinish your older worn out solid or engineered wood flooring completely. This is what we do and we do this every day, what that means for you is first professionalism, quality, budget, cleanliness, promptness because you will be dealing with a wood floor company that is punctual. You can rest knowing that we have been doing wood floor sanding since 1979. We have the modern wood floor refinishing & sanding equipment on the market today. Hardwood Creations is insured up to one million dollars for yours & our safety. We have the dust containment systems that are needed to keep a nice clean environment during the wood floor sanding process that we offer. We specialize in sanding of older wood floors that might be damaged from wear & tear,dogs or pets, water damage or just age. We offer the more modern dark colors that are popular today like, the dark ebony, dark browns, grays, and everything in between. We also provide references as needed. Hardwood Floor Sanding in Austin.

Wood Floor sanding Austin

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